AugustWind is a story about a young badger named Andreas,
trying to find his luck on Eelhaven VII during the season of August, dreaming of a life of fame and recognition. He teams up with Penelope, a seasoned but luckless eelminer who finally wants to get the life she deserves. Together they participate in the eelmining competition of August where pilots use their magnets to get as much valuable metal off the backs of majestic cloudeel in this world of floating islands.

AugustWind is also a Bachelor Thesis by a design student, graduate of the University of the arts in Zürich, Switzerland. The game tries to imagine a free-roaming shooter. A shmup where you are free to spend your day as you please and make it how you like it. You are free to advance the quest, participate in races, earn money and tune your airplane, but you only have a limited time each day to do so. This game is the prototype of the concept and the final exam in the game design school. You can download the prototype here, it is absolutely free.

Of course the game isn't completely finished and quite short. It lacks the missions and storyline objectives that would glue the experience together. However, you can explore the regions of Eelhaven VII, find hidden parts, customize your plane, hunt for the cloudeel and get rich together with Penelope to have a taste how the game could be.

The whole project took about 800 hours to make so far and was made with the Unity 3D Engine. Every object was drawn on paper first and then integrated in a 3D world with 2D gameplay.


Article on AugustWind on - Link to (german)
"Obwohl das Spiel noch nicht zu 100% fertig ist macht AugustWind bereits eine Menge Spaß." - chipteam

Article on AugustWind on - Link to (chinese)
"可爱的画风、清新明快的乡村音乐,自由飞行的乐趣,尽在August Wind." - stufoet

Article about the game and Starfox on - Link to (italian)
"splendidamente disegnato e animato" - Angelantonio Citro

Freeware game pick on blog - Link to (english)
"What struck me first was the incredible art style - it's a joy to watch in motion" - Michael Rose

Article on AugustWind on playerOne's Gamesblog - Link to playerOne (german)
"I can only advise to play AugustWind, it is really worth it!" - playerOne

Article on about AugustWind and Ryuworks - Link to Games .ch (self-written, german)







Intro Movie

The little clip playing during the menu if you dont press a button. Like in an arcade game this was used to generate attention during the final exhibition.

Its showing off the cloudeel and also some parts of the customization, hidden parts and racing features. Plus it spoilers one of the big pirate zeppelins.


AugustWind 1.73 - Windows Build : Download (Alternative download)
Tested on Windows XP and Vista.

AugustWind 1.73 - Intel Mac Osx Build : Intel Universal Ppc (Alternative download)
Tested on Mac OSX 10.4 and 10.5



The music in the game are both from artists that publishes their work on The wonderfully melancholic song in the title is from "Hugo Contini" and the gypsy punk songs in the rest of the game are from "Les gosses de la rue".

I tried to get in contact with both parties to aquire if they are ok with this project, since it is solely on a non-profit basis. Sadly I never got a reply. If anyone affiliated with the artists are reading this, I'd still like to get their ok for this, so just drop me a message

If you like the tracks in the game, be sure to check out their pages on for their great albums.


So, you played the game and would like to say something about it. Just drop me a message. Feedback is always great and I'm sure you will uncover a lot of bugs for my infamous bug-sheet. And also if you just liked it, you are always welcome to say so as well.


I hope you have a nice time playing AugustWind - Jeremy